Politics can be one of the most contentious of conversations among people in Maine which makes this a good time to find things that we can all agree on.

With Election Day near, this seems like a good opportunity to find subjects that all Mainer's might be able to agree on.

Here are 5 things that most of us can agree on:

  1. It's Windy - Not sure if you've noticed the trees swaying or maybe your lights going out in your home, but it gets pretty windy in Maine. You don't have to live her long to figure that out. Everything from tree branches snapping, to power going out, and even a new hair arrangement, I think we can agree that it can get pretty windy in the Pine Tree State.
  2. High School Basketball - Our kids rock!! I'm not sure what a lot of folks would find to do in the winter if it weren't for high school basketball. This seems to be a saving grace for sanity and helps Mainers to get through the cold, long winters.
  3. A Lot of Elbow Room - It's nice to not have to live in a place that has wall-to-wall people living in it. The County has plenty of elbow space for people, potatoes, and all of our outdoor vehicles. Isn't it nice?
  4. Moose Are Dangerous, But Tasty - Hit a moose lately? For those of you fortunate to have shot one, moose are pretty tasty, however, we prefer to see them on our dinner plates, next to the potatoes and peas, rather than through our windshields. Be careful on the roads out there.
  5. Bean Boots and Muck Boots Are Still In Style - Whether you're heading to the store, work, school, or church, Bean Boots and Muck Boots are still fashionable. At least you'd think they are by how many people sport them during the winter time in Maine.

How about you? What is something about our great state that you think we can all agree on? I know we've left a whole bunch out, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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