There is an increase proposal by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to the number of deer permits allowed in the state of Maine by 45-percent.

The Press Herald reports that if the proposal for an increase in deer permits goes through, that would mean over 66,000 would be issued in Maine.

According to Ryan Robicheau, IFW's wildlife management section supervisor, deer have dramatically rebounded in the southern and central parts of the Pine Tree State and that just after two winters.

Robicheau said that the state wildlife biologists still would like to see an increase in deer herds in northern, eastern, and western Maine, but along the coast, they would like to see a reduction in those numbers.

There are three districts in Maine: the Downeast Coast, Moosehead Lake, and the northern and eastern parts near Allagash, had no any-deer permits, but the IFW would like to issue deer permits to those districts in 2017.

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