We love when old artifacts show up to a museum or, in this case, a historical society for all to appreciate, especially if it's connected to someone in the County.

Kim Smith, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Presque Isle Historical Society have announced that, in August, Walter Holak, from New Hampshire, donated a diary that was kept upon the battlefields of the Civil War.

Holak stated that his father was an avid Civil War collector, but was not exactly sure where or when the diary was acquired but felt the time was right for the diary to 'come home.'

According to Smith, the diary belonged to Harrison Robinson, who was a resident of Presque Isle.

Upon returning home from the war, that lasted nearly 4 years, Robinson established a jewelry store with a former officer and veteran Benjamin Owens.

Owens Civil War sword is already a member of the P.I. Historical Society, according to Smith.

The handwritten diary has been described as leather bound and 74 pages in length. The book is 3" by 6".

Robinson wrote dates in the book which span from October 22, 1861, which is the day he enlisted, to July 14, 1866, his expiration term of service. The diary outlines his nights on guard duty as well as highlights and details of Robinson's personal travels.

This prompted the Presque Isle Historical Society to design a new tour with a Civil War theme.

The Presque Isle Civil War Trails Tour is scheduled for Saturday, September 29 from
1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The 2-hour tour will be narrated aboard "Molly the Trolley" and will begin at the historic fire station on Church St.

The cost of the tour is only $10.

Tour-goers will travel to the resting places of several Presque Isle Civil War veterans and talk about their contributions to the area.

For more information about the Presque Isle Historical Society or information about the Civil War tour, please call 207-762-1151.


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