Halloween 2021 was an interesting time for me and I learned a few lessons along the way. My day was a routine Sunday, but in the evening, I did something I've never done before in my life.

No longer in Use JC/TSM
No longer in Use JC/TSM

The Presque Isle Historical Society has been hosting Haunted Hearse Tours through the city. This guided tour takes people to several sites that a paranormal investigation team looked into a few years ago. This team came to Presque Isle for a couple of weeks and were taken by the Historical Society to many locations in the area.

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The tour reveals some of the findings from the investigation and how they tie into the history of Presque Isle. You get more details about the stories of Jim Cullen, City Hall, and how a cold case murder was solved decades later! Now you're probably wondering if I’m going to tell you why I ended up in jail on Halloween?

Empty Cell and Shadows JC/TSM
Empty Cell and Shadows
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My confession...

I took the Haunted Hearse Tour of Presque Isle with my family on Halloween night! One of the stops our tour made was at the old jailhouse in the middle of the Star-City. There was interesting (some not child appropriate) graffiti on the walls of the cells, and a very "chilly "feeling in cell #2. This is the part where I let the gracious folks at the Presque Isle Historical Society take over in telling the story and investigation. 

A former jail cell in Presque Isle JC/TSM
A former jail cell in Presque Isle JC/TSM

Thank you to the historical society for putting on this entertaining and informational event, and at a very affordable $10! Here is a link to their website where you can keep up to date on their events. I look forward to going to more of them and to keep learning the history of our area.

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