City workers in Tel Aviv were captured on video painting a disabled parking box around a car, then towing it away.


Hila Ben Baruch who had parked—legally—near her apartment was shocked to return and find her car was missing.  City officials notified her that she would have to pay 1300 Israeli Shekels—or $365 US—in fines and towing expenses to get her car back.

Hila told the Haaretz News Agency that, "Within five minutes they turned me into a criminal.”

But she wasn’t about to take it lying down.  Hila was able to obtain a video from a surveillance camera that proved the shenanigans on the part of municipal workers.

In this video posted to Facebook, municipal workers are seen painting white lines around Ms. Ben Baruch's car and then adding the universal symbol of a wheelchair behind the car to denote a disabled parking spot.  Later, a tow truck can be seen lifting the vehicle from its space and towing it away.

The city of Tel Aviv has since apologized to Ben Baruch and dropped the fines.

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