It was a wild evening in the area last night as tornado warnings were issued in the early evening hours. We received many reports of damage caused by the storm that moved through the area. It appears the most damage occurred in the Limestone and Caribou area.

There were many amazing phots and video captured as the storm system approached the area all the way through the damage that was caused. Take a look at some of the photos and video. Thanks to Brooke Ridley for the pictures and Jim Leighton for the video.

It appears the most impact from the storm was in the Limestone and Caribou area along Route 89. Most pictures that were posted on social media were on the Sawyer Road to the Bog Road which cross into both towns.

Known as the "Chapman" farm, there was some extensive damage done on this property. Can we get someone from Cross-fit to come flip these tractor tires back into order? Isn't this the moment you've been training for? 

There was debris blown around the property from the high winds. Many towns in Aroostook County were put on tornado watch from around 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The roof from one of the potato houses appears to have been ripped off by the storm system. Thankfully this is not an area where several houses are in close proximity of each other. There are houses nearby that did suffer damage of their own.

There is a lot to cleanup this morning after the storm. The most important part is that everyone in the area says they were safe during the storm.

I have been told by neighbors that the cleanup is well underway the day after the storm. Many people showed up and have tidied up the farm and the area around the house.

This home is fortunate that the these trees did not fall towards the house.

Check out the video immediately following the storm.

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