A Caribou man, wanted on five outstanding warrants, has been arrested after leading a high-speed chase from law enforcement in a stolen vehicle.

According to Acting Sheriff Shawn Gillen, the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office responded on Sunday to assist the Fort Fairfield Police department after they reported their officer was in pursuit of a stolen vehicle being operated by a fugitive.

Deputies also learned the suspect, 32-year-old Sean Lee of Caribou, had used deadly force by attempting to ram a Fort Fairfield police cruiser and nearly struck an officer in the process.

After Fort Fairfield Police had terminated the chase, Sheriff’s Deputies encountered the vehicle on the Dorsey Road in Fort Fairfield traveling at a high rate of speed.

Deputies, Caribou Police and Border Patrol agents pursued the vehicle again.

During the pursuit, Lee attempted to force a Caribou Police cruiser off the road at a high rate of speed, Gillen said.

A U.S. Border Patrol Agent was able to use a pursuit termination maneuver about 2 miles from the point where the chase began on the Dorsey Road, which brought the stolen vehicle to a stop in close proximity to Deputy Sheriff Roy Guidry’s cruiser.

Police say when Lee was told to show his hands and get out of the vehicle, he refused and reached between his legs.

Fearing the suspect was reaching for a weapon he previously told the dispatcher he had, Deputy Sheriff Roy Guidry deployed a less lethal beanbag weapon, which broke the side window and struck Lee.

Lee was then taken into custody and  transported to TAMC for  treatment for injuries that are not reported to be life-threatening.

Criminal charges are pending by Fort Fairfield Police Department, Gillen said.

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