From a different generation

The man who is provided fun family entertainment to multiple generations in Aroostook County, recently passed away. Last week the family of Kenneth Doody announced the passing of the 94-year-old businessman from Caribou. 

Melody Roller Rink 

Kenneth Doody opened and operated the Melody Roller Rink in Caribou for over 50 years, and the rink is still in operation today. Melody Roller Rink's Facebook page made the announcement, written out by his children. Here's the full post:

Incredible legacy 

There are so many amazing accomplishments that can come out of a few simple words, perhaps none more impressive than the 60 years of marriage between Doody and his wife. I did not know the Doodys, however I have been to Melody Roller Rink a few times over the years, and now my family spends time at the rink. Kenneth and his wife have brought hours of entertainment to many families, and it appears he entertained his own family up until his final days.

Rest Easy 

Mr. Doody not only served his community, but was a World War II Veteran. Despite many advances in technology, entertainment, and the evolution of video games, Melody Roller Rink has withstood the tests of time and is a staple for families of Aroostook County to this day. It is clear that Kenneth Doody must have done a lot of things the "right way” during his time. To operate a business over 50 years focused families, and to raise your own family through it all is an amazing feat. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Doody family for providing generations of families a reason to smile!

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