Now you may be thinking that it is a bit early to be thinking about Halloween. However, it is really not that early to be thinking about Halloween candy. I mean is it ever too early to think about candy? I am going to say that it is not.

Who doesn't love candy, you would have to be a mean dentist to never enjoy the sweetness that candy offers. Halloween is the perfect time of year to indulge, but really anytime is a good time for candy.

Soon enough, stores will be packed with shoppers fighting to get tasty fun-sized candy to hand out for one night of the year. Do you usually buy candy that you would want to eat or that you think others want to eat?

Satisfying the sweet tooth of a child is pretty easy, they are always excited to stock up on candy that they will eat and save throughout the rest of the year. The hard part is satisfying the sweet tooth of the parents or other adults that choose to "share" the candy with their children/families.

I guess what I am trying to say is that when you choose to start shopping for candy to hand out during Trick or Treating, you want to try to keep everyone in mind.

That's where I come in. I decided to survey Maine listeners to find out which candies make the cut as some of the best out there. This will allow you to know what people really want to see in their children's pumpkin, basket, or pillowcase when they get home.

Scroll below to see what candies Mainers really want to see in their candy piles after trick or treating.

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