You know them as BTS, the Bangtan Boys and the Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Now, say hello to Beyond The Scene.

The "Blood, Sweat & Tears" troupe, otherwise known as Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean (which translates to "Bulletproof Boy Scouts" in English), are undergoing a massive rebranding following the group's fourth anniversary together in June.

The group unveiled a new BTS logo on Tuesday (Jul. 4), which was designed by a "top Korean design firm for about one year," along with a new acronym for the English version of their name: "Beyond The Scene," meant as an encouraging nod to their ever-loyal A.R.M.Y. members.

"The meaning behind the new BI (Brand Identity) is BTS protecting youths from prejudice. They are moving forward, chasing their dreams instead of settling for reality. The design language shows ARMY meeting BTS at the doors," AllKPop translates.

“We fixed and visualized BTS’s brand to a concept that, with the passing of time, will encompass the album’s concepts or promotion with a futuristic idea," said Big Hit Entertainment in a statement.

"The new BI is the result of multiple steps in the process, starting from the planning stage by the top design consulting firm in Korea, as well as (the work and input from) BigHit’s staff and BTS members, along with research and focus group interviews. It was almost one year in the making, and also includes the wishes of the fans (during the planning process) as well.”

In addition to the rebranding, the boys just dropped a remake of Seo Taiji and Boys' 1995 hit "Come Back Home," which features a rap written by Rap Monster and J-Hope. (You'll notice the new BTS logo at the very end of the video, too.)

Watch "Come Back Home" — which doesn't actually feature the boys in the video, sadly — plus, check out reactions to the freshly rebranded BTS by the A.R.M.Y. on Twitter below.

BTS Through the Years:

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