Bleachers — Jack Antonoff's artist project — stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to have a little fun with his latest single, "Don't Take the Money."

When performing on a late night talk show, there's a chance the song you play might lull unsuspecting viewers to sleep. Considering the artists often actually play in the late afternoon/early evening, the vibe can be totally different at night. Fortunately, Bleachers' "Don't Take the Money" is an upbeat jam perfect for keeping you bopping along.

There's just something pure and good about a solid pop-rock track that gets in and out in under four minutes. And when you can craft a whole album that's over in the time it takes to watch an episode of Glow, you're really onto something.

Elsewhere, the Grammy-nominated Tame Impala lit up the stage on The Tonight Show to give Jimmy Fallon's audience a bit of that chill groove. Performing "Love/Paranoia," Tame Impala showed why they remain a favorite among the indie crowd, slowly jamming to one of Currents' best tracks.

If anything, the continued support of the 2015 album only makes us wish Tame Impala had something new in the works because we're greedy, and we just want all the new music from our favorite bands.

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