This summer has been a challenge.  We had a lot of rain early. And since then, it has been Hot and Humid. It is like Maine moved to the Southern U.S.

For our mental health, and for our physical health too, we need to find time to take some ‘Me Time’, away from work. Away from the busy routine of summer. And just chill somewhere.

Somewhere on a beach.

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Time for a Day Trip

Before the plans are formulated for that day trip, remember that a lot of the Northeast and Midwest have been hit with smoke from the Fires in Canada.

Doesn’t seem to be too bad yet in Maine, and hopefully that will continue.

However, if you are one that has a more difficult time when it is hot and humid and have trouble breathing without added factors, you need to consider air quality when planning that relaxing day trip.

A timely survey about Air Quality when it comes to vacation spots across America, says the best air quality right now is in Hawaii and Alaska. Not exactly day trips from Maine.

A Breath of Fresh Air in Maine

The American Lung Association released their 2023 State of the Air report recently, and My Bio Source tabulated the results to make the best destinations rankings.

The Air Quality Index is a rating between 0 and 100, and the lower the score the better the air.

Leading spot to go to with the cleanest air in Maine is Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.  They scored a 30.


Next stop in Maine is Popham Beach State Park with an average AQI of 36.

Popham Beach
Fastfwd01 via YouTube

Old Orchard Beach and Goose Rocks Beach both came in with a score of 40.

Paula Stephens, Thinkstock
Paula Stephens, Thinkstock

And Ogunquit averaged 41.

Google Map
Google Map

See you at the beach. A great way to relax and rejuvenate. And Sand Beach is the number one place to breathe that clean Ocean air.

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