Is your child being bullied at school? Or maybe your child is the bully and at your wits end over what to do about it? Maybe you're a teen who's lonely and sad because no matter how hard you try to fit in at school, your classmates laugh at you behind your back or you’re constantly teased. Are you yourself the bully? Or are you a bystander that does nothing to help those been made fun of and humiliated? Maybe you're a parent who can't stand watching your child suffer at the hands of his peers simply for being different?  Or, perhaps you're a teacher, frustrated by the pain you witness, yet feeling powerless to stop it?


Yes, bullying and peer pressure do happen, even right here in Aroostook County and in towns and villages in New Brunswick as well. If you’re tired of the bullying, the peer pressure, and just don’t know where to turn… well, I’ve got an idea for you!

Best-selling author and bullying survivor Jodee Blanco will be holding a free seminar at the Presque Isle Middle School on Wednesday, October 24th to work with school and community members on how to deal with bullying.

Jodee Blanco is the author of The New York Times bestseller, Please Stop Laughing At Me . . . One Woman’s Inspirational Story. It tells her story of being bullied and is often referred to as “the anti-bullying bible”.  It provides advice and solutions set against the backdrop of her dramatic personal and professional journey as the survivor who unexpectedly finds herself the country’s most sought-after anti-bullying activist.

So take a stand, as a community, we need to take proactive measures to address bullying. Learn how to intervene and how to get help with Jodee’s free seminar at the Presque Isle Middle School on Wednesday, October 24th.

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