So you have never read a book of his, or seen a movie? Well, then it makes perfect sense to stop by.

A YouTuber by the name of Nic's Coins, describes her channel as "a variety of collections and interest. Whether it's coins, sports, history etc." It turns out that she was intrigued by the idea of stopping by Stephen King's house in Bangor, even though she claims to have never read one of his books, or seen one of his movies. This is an impressive feat, considering the impact that King has had on our culture over several decades, but as she says in her profile, curiosity is one of her favorite things.

You can’t drive down West Broadway in Bangor without seeing someone gawking at this house (trust me, I know. I live in the neighborhood.) Just about every single day, when I drive past that street, you can see at least one parked car on the side of the road, and a group of people taking pics, trying to jump the fence, or just being super happy to be there in general. Living near there, it's all normal to me, but folks from all over the world descend there to get a look.

Nic's Coins wasn't the only person to pop by West Broadway this week. As I said, this happens quite a bit.

While we are on the subject of all things King, the remake of the 1984 hit "Firestarter", starring Zac Effron, hit theatres over the weekend, coming in 4th place at the box office.

People Posing In Front Of Stephen King's House

On any given day, you can see lots of people heading to West Broadway in Bangor, to get a glimpse at the home of the legendary author.

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