If you have had a conversation with a Mainer and didn’t know what the hell they were talking about, this handy video should help!

A YouTube video from Live the Seacoast NH & ME posted a very funny clip that breaks down sayings that could only come from those of us who live here in the Pine Tree State.

Here is his humorous explanation of the video

No doubt the Maine accent is unique, and there are definitely some weird things people from Maine say, that may make not make sense to the majority of Americans. In this video we are going to translate some of the funny/unique things that Mainers say so that if you plan of visiting or calling Maine your home, you will fit right in!

Have you ever wondered what some of these phrases mean?

“The roads are all greasy”
“Headin upta”
“Jimmy’s from the county”
“Hard tellin, not knowin”
“Wicked pissah”
“Can’t get theyah from heeyah”
“My leg got all stove up”
“Ya bub”
“Happier than a clam at high tide”
“Down cellah”
“He’s from away”

Well, this guy breaks them all down, and translates them into what others would call "Proper English."

I’ve been trying to lose my Maine accent for years, but every once in a while, it slips out.

I can tell you that my mother and sister don't make it any easier on me, because they are constantly dropping "R's" and saying things like "cahhh" So it is inevitable that it would rub off on me from time to time. Alcohol usually does not help either.

The next time you meet someone from out of state and they don’t understand what you are saying, just play them this video, and it will hopefully all make perfect sense.

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