A 34-year-old man was arrested after a large amount of diesel fuel was stolen from a vehicle at Timberland Trucking in East Millinocket.

Stolen Diesel, Damaged Property and Refusing to Stop for Police

He also refused to stop when officers attempted to pull over his 18 wheeler.

Diesel Stolen and Vehicle’s Fuel System Damaged

The East Millinocket Police Department said Erik Beltran-Alvarez from Brownsville, Texas stole the diesel and damaged the truck’s fuel components on Wednesday.

Over $1,200 in Repairs and $750 in Fuel Stolen

“The victim lost over $780 worth of diesel fuel and suffered more than $1,200 in damage and repairs to the truck's fuel system,” said police.

Surveillance Footage and Social Media Tips

Police used video surveillance footage from nearby businesses and tips shared on social media to identify and locate the truck.

Driver did not Stop for Police

The chase started when Chief McDunnah received information around 4 pm about the truck's location on I-95 southbound near Medway. McDunnah tried to pull over the semi just south of Lincoln. Beltran-Alvarez did not stop. He continued for 4 miles before coming to stop.

Multiple Charges

Beltran-Alvarez is charged with Theft, Criminal Mischief and Failure to Stop for Law Enforcement. He was taken to the Penobscot County Jail. Chief McDunnah was assisted by Sgt. Carlson.

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