Drum roll, please! We recently did an unscientific poll to see what stores and business folks in the County would like to see. You voted and the results are in.

Again, this was an unscientific poll, but a fun way to engage with our radio and website audiences to see what kind of stores they would love to see come to the County.

First of all, thank-you to all who took the time to actually vote. It was pretty amazing to see where your interests are.

Out of the 11 choices that we had in the poll, with the option for you to fill in your own favorite business, Kohl's actually came in as the number one choice. Over 35-percent of those who took the poll would like to see Kohl's come to the County.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images


Many of you wrote in your own choices in the "other" category. That garnered 30-percent of the votes. The choices were really good ones. Here are some of the others in order of popularity.

Other stores listed were Olive Garden, Texas Road House, and Hobby Lobby, to name a few.

You never know. One day the County may have a Kohl's to shop at. In my personal opinion, Kohl's is a pretty cool store and I agree with most of you, that it would be a real feather in the cap for those of us in northern Maine.

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