Thousands of people flock to New England each and every summer to take in the beauty of the ocean and to lay their eyes on a signature coastline dwelling: a classic New England lighthouse. While most people just want to visit, snap a photo and move on, what if you could become a lighthouse's keeper for an entire summer? An opportunity has arisen as the Bakers Island Light Station is looking for a new keeper for the summer of 2023.

Shared on Facebook by the current keeper, Tara Flanagan, the Bakers Island Light Station is located off the coast of Salem, Massachusetts. The current keepers have spent the last 5 summers caring for the lighthouse and semi-remote island it stands on and are ready to move to their next adventure, which includes sailing around the waters of Maine. So, what does the keeper or keepers of Bakers Island Light Station do?

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The caretaking duties are substantial, but rewarding for the right person. Mowing laws, maintaining trails, some light painting and carpentry and general property upkeep are expected. Being a keeper also requires some hospitality work, as Bakers Island Light Station is visited often throughout the summer. The next keeper will be tasked with greeting day visitors and keeping track of campers and weekend overnighters.

Being a keeper is plenty of work, but there's also some perks too. Your lodging is a spacious quarters inside the Keeper house. Additionally, the new keeper will have exclusive use of a powerboat for trips back and forth to the mainland. If you're interested in becoming the next summertime keeper of Bakers Island Light Station, you can find additional details through their website.


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