Are you looking from some fair food? Have you had a craving for some deep fried seafood? If you're in Presque Isle or traveling through you can visit the Ye Olde English Fish & Chips food truck. They are set up on Main Street near the TD Bank location in Presque Isle. 

The Ye Olde English trailer is based in Richmond, ME and has made multiple trips to Presque Isle in each of the last two summers. Two years of the pandemic effecting the Northern Maine Fair caused Ye Olde English, and many others to make adjustments.  


Ye Olde English will be open Wednesday the 20th, through Sunday the 24th.  They’ll be open Wednesday – Saturday from 10:30-6:30 and on Sunday 10:30-4:00. This is your chance to warm up with some fair food before the fall gives way to winter. What will be the meal you get? Some Fish and Chips? How about a clam or lobster roll? There are some nice options for anyone traveling through the Presque Isle area in the coming days.  

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The Ye Olde trailers were here for the fair in August and also made a similar trip to this one to the Star-City in late June. Many people look forward to seeing this trailer arrive each year and the crowds usually turnout, even in less than stellar weather. Take advantage of the opportunity while you can as it is very likely most of the food truck and trailers will be closed up for the winter in short time.

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