The RCMP has confirmed that the death of a woman whose body was found Monday morning outside a night club in Saint-Joseph-de-Madawaska, just north of Edmundston, was not of criminal origin.

The body was found behind Keta's Bar on Chemin Deuxieme-Sault by a person responsible for the property, according to L’Acadie Novelle. Police and paramedics were dispatched to the scene.

Corporal André Lauzon of the Saint-Léonard RCMP said Friday that an autopsy has confirmed the death occurred accidentally. Lauzon said the woman died of hypothermia. Overnight temperatures early Monday had dropped to around -15C.

 "We do not yet know exactly the how and the why of the situation, Lauzon said, “but since it is an accident and it is not criminal, the full autopsy report containing these details will not be available to us right away. The case therefore remains open for the time being."

Police say the security perimeter that had been put in place following the discovery of the body has been removed and bar activities can resume as planned.

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