While I still have some Christmas decorations up (you can blame the fam for that) the tree had to be stuffed out the door. We still enjoy having a real tree selected from our local tree farm and we heat with a wood stove so even with frequent waterings it was getting too dry to keep inside safely. So now what? Christmas is long gone but if you go with a real tree you still need to decide what to do with it.

Oh Christmas Tree

I like to put my tree outside and have the kids put peanut butter on pines cones. Next we roll the pine cone in bird seed. Finally we hang them in the now outside tree. It keeps the kiddos entertained when they create the natural ornaments. As an added bonus we get to watch the birds come and go enjoying their feast. If you aren’t interested in that approach there are other options.

Christmas tree recycling began the Monday after Christmas in Augusta. You can drop your tree off at the public works department on North Street between 7 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday. You also have to option to drop it off on Belfast Avenue between 8 am and 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Make sure you have all those decorations and lights off! You can recycle them free of charge right up until April 15.

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