The Fort Fairfield Police Department is prioritizing school bus and traffic safety and are asking the public for help in identifying a vehicle that appears to have been in a rush this morning.  

A bus from SAD #20 in Fort Fairfield was on the South Caribou Road doing the morning run delivering kids from their homes to the schools. The employer of the individual in the Rav 4 must be pleased to have an employee so eager to get to work on a Monday morning. By the way, SAD #20 in Fort Fairfield is currently hiring for bus drivers in the district. I'll get you more information on that later in the post. The camera on the bus got the best shot that it could as the vehicle went racing by the stopped bus.

As you can see the shot was unable to get the license plate, but we know that Aroostook County people can do their thing and identify who this may be right away. Just last week, FFPD Chief Matt Cummings posted a picture of a FFPD vehicle sitting in the school zone near the elementary school. In today's post, you see that he is making a concentrated effort to take care of the "speedy” traffic issues near the school. Based on comments from previous posts, it appears that the school traffic has been an issue for many residents.

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If you know this vehicle or were on the South Caribou Road this morning you can reach out to the FFPD on their Facebook page or call them at 472-3808. To anyone who would like to help out the school district in Fort Fairfield, you can apply here to any of their openings for custodians and bus drivers.

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