A popular takeout restaurant in Mars Hill that burnt last month has gotten back on their feet quickly. The Rusty Crab suffered extensive damage from a fire in the night on June 28 and it seemed that the seafood takeout would be out of business for the summer. The structure was a total loss and there was no fire insurance for the structure.

This is why we choose Aroostook County

Many people have stated over and over that one of the good things living in Aroostook County is that we always step up and help out when someone is in need. Within days there were several donation jars put out at area restaurants and a hot dog roast fundraiser was organized to benefit The Rusty Crab.

Via The Rusty Crab Facebook

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The Grind...

While the money was being raised the search for a replacement structure was in full force. Within a matter of a couple of weeks enough money was raised and the right truck was found for The Rusty Crab to rebound and get back in business. The news gets better because they are already to get back up and going. You can find The Rusty Crab this week making a triumphant return at the Maine Potato Blossom Festival in Fort Fairfield. After the festival, you can get some takeout seafood at the Crab's original location in Mars Hill.

The Johnston Family Via The Rusty Crab Facebook

More to come?

The Rusty Crab is also going through with plans to open up a traditional style sit down restaurant. This is fantastic news for anyone who is a fan of this place. This should allow you to get the crab any time of year. You can stay up to date on their active Facebook page. We wish Rusty and the Johnston family the best of luck as you recover and move forward. Let's Eat! 

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