The scammers and hackers seem to know no season when it comes to them trying to steal your money. A new UPS and FedEx scam should have Mainer's concerned.

It's been reported that UPS and FedEx are having to deal with a new scam that entails electronics and devices that were fraudulently ordered and being returned to the criminals rather than the retail shipping address where it came from.

*NOTE: UPS and FedEx are not in violation here, but the people that use their services for fraudulent purposes.

Recently, these scammers ordered a Lenovo Ideapad on credit, to the tune of about $600 on a woman's credit card.

The good news is that the man and his wife were signed up to receive email alerts from their bank. So every time the card was used, they were notified about it.

Once the couple received the alert, they immediately notified their financial institution. Evidently, the bank hadn't noticed the purchase from Best Buy, but once alerted, they stopped all payments from that card.

So, What's Up With The UPS and FedEx Package Scam?

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

After the man returned the computer to Best Buy, a FedEx carrier shows up the next day with a package and a return label.

But the return shipping label was not for a legitimate Best Buy address. The address was for a street, in a residential area, in Philadelphia.

It very well could have been someone who wasn't even aware of the scam and who had signed up for an illegitimate work-at-home job.


Here's What You Should Do

  • Sign up for email alerts with your banking institution
  • Don't ship any product back until you verify that the address you are shipping the product to is actually the right place. (If you ship it back to the scammers, the retail store could hold you responsible for their stolen product(s)).
  • Never return an item that you didn't order until you verify the proper shipping address of the retailer.
  • You can do this by going to their website and calling them to verify. You can never be too careful.

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