If you're not aware, summer time can be a real challenge for our young people in the County, where food is concerned. Now, there is help for them.

While school is out of session, there are FREE nutritious meals that are available for children and teens 18 years and younger, while school is out.

You can use the mapping tool here, or see below for places where these services are available in the County. Click on the links below for websites and locations.

  1. Riverside Park/ PI Recreation
  2. Eva Hoyt Zippel School
  3. Pine Street Elementary School
  4. Birch Street Apartments
  5. Helen Noreen Apt. Housing
  6. Carmicheal Housing 
  7. Aroostook Band of Micmacs Summer Program
  8. Micmac Housing
  9. Easton Rec. Program
  10. Mapleton Rec. Program

If you know of a family or child who could use these services, please inform them of where they can get a meal this summer. No child should go hungry in Maine.