If a song can stand on its own two feet with one lone guitar, you've struck a musical goldmine.

Una Sand, out of Oslo, Norway, bares her soul on an acoustic reimagining of her latest single "Wanderlust," peeling back the layers of crushing sorrow to reveal each purple-hued bruise and tattered scar. "Pushing and pulling me, cutting me undertow / Why do I keep swimming against the flow?" she sings, her feathery delivery tearing through the story. "I'm living in between my dreams and your shadow..."

Sand's performance, premiering exclusively on PopCrush, is a bit unnerving, landing just on the skin and tapping into universal feelings of angst and unbridled heart-strung misery. "'Wanderlust' in its acoustic version gives the vocal much more room," she explains. "It makes it easier to hear the lyrics, feel the vibe and understand the concept of the song."

"It shows my story in a more honest and vulnerable perspective," she adds. "Sometimes, when I record, I will get flashbacks, and I could feel the heartbreak over and over again when I recorded this version."

Watch below:

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