Maine State Police say a woman was injured Tuesday on Route 11 in Masardis when a trailer hitch crashed through her car's windshield and struck her in the shoulder.

Maine State Police

Trooper Andrew Levesque responded to the incident around 2:20 p.m. Police say 48-year-old Danielle Lavway of Sinclair was driving north in her 2014 Toyota Corolla when she met a trailer truck driving south.

As the two vehicles met, the truck kicked up a trailer hitch from a pickup that was lying in the road causing it to fly through the air and into the Toyota’s windshield. Corporal Dennis Quint said the trailer hitch struck Lavway in the shoulder. She refused an ambulance but was treated at TAMC for her injuries.

Quint said the truck driver likely did not realize the incident occurred. The matter is still under investigation.