Police are investigating a tractor trailer rollover Tuesday afternoon on Route 11 in Masardis. The accident happened around 1:14 p.m.

59-year-old Kerry Holmes from Molunkis was carrying a load of chips when he was unable to steer his vehicle when he rounded a corner on Route 11. The truck rolled on its side and hit a telephone pole. The tractor trailer ended up partially in the road and the chips spilled into the ditch, said police.

The truck was damaged significantly. The vehicle is owned by Keith Mitchell and Son’s Trucking of Sherman. It was towed form the scene. DEP arrived to clean up fuel from the ruptured fuel tank, police said.

Holmes sustained minor damages and was wearing his seat belt. He was not transported to the hospital, said police. The Maine Forest Service, Dept of Environmental Protection, Masardis Fire Dept and Ashland Fire Dept  and the Ashland Police assisted.

The State Police Commercial Vehicle Unit is examining the truck and the accident is under investigation. Trooper Tim Saucier responded to the scene.