A tractor trailer hauling wood chips went off Interstate 95 in Island Falls early Monday after the driver apparently became distracted and lost control of the rig.

Maine State Police

Maine State Police say 26-year-old Steven Haggan of Levant was driving north on I-95 in a 2005 Peterbilt tractor trailer at around 6:30 Monday morning.  Police say Haggan had never driven this particular truck and was trying to find the switch to heat the side mirrors to remove fog.

Haggan turned on the dome light in the truck to look for the defogging switch. Police say that as soon as the truck hit the rumble strip, the driver realized he had crossed from the right lane and was heading into the median. The tractor trailer went off the highway and struck some trees, causing disabling damage. Haggan was not injured.

Trooper Robert Flynn of the Maine State Police Commercial Vehicle Unit arrived on scene and inspected the vehicle. He observed that the truck’s fuel tank was fully submerged in the mud and was leaking fuel.

Maine State Police

The Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection were contacted and remained at the site for several hours Monday cleaning up and trying to remove the truck.

Haggan was issued a summons for distracted driving.