In this day and age, people are always looking for a better paying job with the best benefits. These jobs have a history of the highest wage growth.

According to, being a recruiter is the best job that is earning the highest wage growth. With a median base pay of about $51,000 a year and a pay increase of 7.4-percent, a person can't go too wrong in this field of work.

However, if recruiting isn't your cup o' tea, or if you live in an area where that opportunity isn't available, here are some other jobs to consider.

  1. Customer Service Manager - In many companies, a customer service manager can look at making somewhere around $54,000 and their wage growth is at a rate of 7.1-percent.
  2. Restaurant Cook - Not your average burger flipper, but an actual chef/cook who is responsible for the menu and food quality of a restaurant. They make about $29,000 a year with a wage growth of about 7-percent.
  3. Warehouse Associate - Most big warehouses will bring you a median base pay of around $40,000 with a growth rate of 6.7-percent.
  4. Bank Teller - Good customer service and handling money at the local bank can get a person just over $28,0000 a year with a growth rate of 6.1-percent.
  5. Store Manager - The pay is higher than a bank teller but the wage growth is about 4.9-percent with a wage of about $48,5000.

When you're planning a career change, don't waste time with a little more money here or an extra benefit here. But try and land a job that pays well and a place where you can earn good raises at a good percentage rate.

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