Let's call a spade a spade -- becoming Drunk Tom Brady may have been the best postseason move that Tom Brady has ever done.

Think about it. The world almost loves him even more (and by the world, I mean the small part of New England that never hated him for leaving for Tampa Bay -- the rest of New England and the world, other than Tampa Bay, still despise him) after letting his seemingly unbreakable guard down and letting loose a little. So much so that we're still talking about it 3 months later.

AND SO IS HE! Because in his latest Instagram post, he proved that he's 100% cashing in on all things having to do with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers championship parade -- especially the trophy throw.

That's right. Whether or not this was planned beforehand, a wicked big coincidence, or spawned from his genius or the Christopher-Cloos Danish Eyewear company's genius, TB12 now has his own pair of sunglasses. And you KNOW fans are going to immediately go and purchase them because that's what they do. He barely had his TB12 Sports brand out for a millisecond before fans hopped online to buy all the hats, diet books, and other apparel.

But if you're thinking it's time for a new pair of sunglasses and these are screaming to you, be prepared -- they're not the $10 pair of sunglasses you can randomly snag while you're at the gas station.

The actual Cloos x Brady - Hermosa (which is a design that's a nod to one of Tom's favorite vacation spots in Costa Rica) sunglasses, no matter the color or design you get on the frames (and there are a TON of selections) cost $199, while the Blue Light glasses are $189.

The Cloos x Brady - Original line are a bit cheaper, with the sunglasses costing $189 and the Blue Light glasses costing $179.

You can shop the new TB12 sunglasses here. Do you think you'll get a pair, just because it's Tom Brady? Or will you delete those sunglasses from your memory and break any pair you see being worn by someone, because, again, it's Tom Brady?

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