It's pretty incredible when someone invents something, especially when they're from Maine. It's even more impressive when a teenager invents something useful.

Chester Greenwood, from Farmington, Maine, was just 15 years old when he got the idea to cover up his ears to keep them from getting frostbite.

It's reported that the young Chester asked his grandmother to sew tufts of fur between loops of wire. He got the idea while ice skating. No surprise there.

On March 15, 1873, Chester Greenwood had his earmuffs patented.

But earmuffs weren't the only thing Mr. Greenwood invented and patented. He also invented the steel rake, tea kettle and a tool to produce spools for thread and wire. He invented an umbrella holder for mail carriers, although he never patented it.

Among other business and community endeavors, he was responsible for Farmington, Maine installing the first telephone as well.

Because of this inventor, in 1977 the city of Farmington decided to hold a parade and celebration called "Chester Greenwood Day" and is held on December 21st of every year.

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