Earmuffs come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and comfort. Did you know that Maine is the home of the earmuff? Cover up your ears as we observe National Earmuff Day!

For those of us in Maine and New Brunswick, who endure extremely cold weather every year, the earmuff is our saving grace to keep our ears from freezing and, eventually falling off.

Today is National Earmuff Day and what better way to celebrate it than in the state of Maine. Afterall, Maine is the mother state of the famous earmuffs.

Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine knew what it was like to have cold ears. Especially since he had some big ones.

One day, while ice skating on a local pond, the 15-year-old got the bright idea to come up with a solution to help keep his ears warm. He partnered with his grandmother, who brought his idea to life by sewing two tuffs of fur between loops of wire.

And the earmuffs were born!

So, in honor of Mr. Greenwood and in honor of warm ears, we observe National Earmuff Day all across America. With the exception of the south, where it doesn't get as cold as it does here.

Another way to celebrate 'Earmuff Day' is to post a photo of you with your favorite muffs and post #NationalEarmuffDay on your favorite social media sites.

What are your favorite kinds of muffs? What colors do you prefer or do you wear them at all? Share your muff stories, or your muffs with us in the comments section below.



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