Whether you like it or not, we're gonna be wearing masks for a while. Could someone please make a comfortable one?!

How serious is the new hunt for a better mask? So serious that the Biden Administration announced a HALF A MILLION DOLLAR contest to get inventors involved! It's called the Mask Innovation Challenge.

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What is the Mask Innovation Challenge?

It's a challenge from the government to come up with a mask that works, is easy to wear and can be mass produced. There are two phases of the contest. The first phase of the challenge is the initial redesign according to what they are looking for. Then 40 will be picked to pitch their design. Of those, 10 will be picked to develop prototypes with 10,000 dollars provided.  But testing will be in Phase 2 where prototypes will be put to the test. 5 finalists will split 400,000 dollars to develop the new awesome mask.

What is the deadline?

You have until April 21st at 5 PM Eastern to submit an idea and concept. The challenge itself in the first two phases will take at least six months - and could be longer as they may add a third phase.

What are the rules?

As you can imagine a contest run by the government has a lot of rules. Too many to list, so follow them here closely.

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