When many of us were younger, if we needed to find something, we were directed to the encyclopedia or the dictionary. Now, we simply just 'google' it and our answers are revealed in moments.

Mainer's, like other people in America, love to 'google' things. But what were the most subjects or people that we 'googled' in 2017?

What interested those who live in the Pine Tree State last year?

Here are the Top 5 things that Mainer's 'googled' in 2017 according to the good folks at The Daily Dot.

  1. Monkey Selfie - After photographer David J. Slater had his camera stolen by a Macaque Monkey, who took several selfies of himself. If you haven't seen the 'selfie', you can find an image of it here.
  2. Charlie Rose Allegations - The CBS News Anchor found himself out of a job after claims of sexual misconduct surfaced.
  3. Transgender Rights - The story that hit the news on a larger level was that of Gavin Grimm, a 17-year-old girl who identified as a boy and wanted the school system to treat her as such.
  4. #MeToo Hashtag - Hollywood female actors came out in droves and were hashtagging 'MeToo', which became a popular symbol to help bring awareness to sexual misconduct allegations.
  5. August Solar Eclipse - This was a pretty big deal in 2017. The eclipse began in these parts about 1 p.m. EST. However, Wyoming was one of the better places to see it. If you were able to catch a glimpse of the eclipse, then you're in luck because you won't have another opportunity until April 8, 2024. That is predicted to show a total eclipse over the Pine Tree State. The first in over 50 years.

What did you 'google' last year? Were any of those listed above of any interest to you? Be sure to share what your interests were in the comments section below.

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