In April of 2017, the Presque Isle Fire Department expanded their services and called it E911, with the goal of cutting taxes. Chief Darrell White, of the Presque Isle Fire Department, explains how the program is going thus far.

According to Chief Darrell White, in less than a year, the Presque Isle Fire Department is already seeing good results with the E911 Ambulance Service.

Chief White said,

"Everything is actually going really well and we're very, very fortunate that we're able to hire 6 really good paramedics who are doing a great job."

According to Chief White, for every dollar that the E911 Ambulance Service generates, that is one less dollar that will come from public tax dollars. He also expects a decrease of a mill and a half to 2 mill's once the program really catches on with the public.

According to Chief White, catch on it has. He explains, 

" We've been pretty much running non-stop. We do get some transfers from Cary Medical Center, long distant transfers, which are really good because in the EMS world those are the big payers. E911 pays, but nowhere near what transfers pay."

Because of the great relationship between the other ambulance services in the County, Chief White suspects that response times will be even shorter than they have been in the past, once they make the call to 911.

In essence, the citizens who utilize the service will ultimately be the success of the E911 Ambulance Service in Presque Isle.

Chief White explains more on the E911 Service in the video below. 





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