When we think of earthquakes, we think of places like California, New York, and even parts of Canada. Recently, an earthquake was reported in Dresden, Maine, but that wasn't the biggest.

Any seismic activity felt in the Pine Tree State, typically comes because of Maine's location near the Appalachian Region in the U.S.

The short explanation as to why earthquakes happen is when stress is released upon weaknesses in the earth's crust, the pressure is applied to the plates that cause a 'slipping' to occur. When that happens, it causes the ground to shake.


Recently, the town of Dresden, Maine had a recorded 2.6 earthquake. That's relatively small, but, no doubt, people felt it.

Historically, the biggest earthquake known in Maine took place in 1904. According to one report, the 1904 earthquake measured about 7.0, which is a pretty good shaker.

However, the largest accurate measured earthquake in Maine was in 1973, from an earthquake whose epicenter was just north of the border in Quebec. which is just north of Oxford County, Maine.

That earthquake measured 4.8 on the Richter scale. 

No need to worry. Most all of Maine's earthquakes are small and hardly felt. According to the record, no earthquake has done any considerable damage when the effects were felt in the Pine Tree State.


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