Time for another episode of The F Troop…


Maine State Police – Troop F’s weekly incident report…

7/14 - Tr. Monahan responded to a PI accident in New Limerick. Male subject had blacked out, driving off the road and striking a large tree, totaling his car. Male was transported to HRH by his mother for treatment. An injury sustained the day prior is thought to have contributed to his blacking out.

7/14 - Tr. Casavant and Sgt. Harris were called to Scovil Apartments in Mars Hill for an assault complaint. The investigation showed the same alleged victim had started another fight several weeks earlier and then called the police after he lost. The two parties were mutually involved in the fight and no victim or offender was clear. Aroostook SO assisted with the investigation.

7/15 - Tr. Michaud assisted Aroostook County Deputies with an apparent drug overdose of a female in Chapman.

7/15 - Tr. Michaud also assisted the SO with an incident in Mapleton where a man had an argument with his ex-girlfriend, left the residence, and then fired a handgun into the air from the front porch of the home. Tr. Michaud located the subject driving in Presque Isle and arrested the subject after a conducting a felony stop.

7/15 – Tr. Lilley responded to a report of male and female that were found at a camp when the camp owner arrived for the weekend. It was reported that the male appeared to be the subject that MDEA was currently looking for in relation to their investigation into a meth lab found in past week. Tr. Lilley responded to the camp, assisted by Sgt. Fuller and K-9 Gleni, along with Wdn. Brown and Dep. Pelletier of the A.S.O. After arriving, it was determined the male and female had fled the camp. A K-9 track was conducted locating the pair at another camp nearby. The pair was arrested for burglary of the camps and the male was also arrested in relation to the meth lab investigation. The man had a loaded firearm on him at the time of the arrest.

7/16 – Tr. Bell stopped a car on Rt. 1 in Hodgdon after observing that the car was swerving in its lane, failed to stop for a stop sign, and stopped in the middle of a Rt. 1 intersection. The female driver had open containers of alcohol in the vehicle, and showed physical signs of impairment. Tr. Bell had the female driver perform SFST’s. The female showed clues in HGN and the Walk and Turn test, but refused to finish Walk and Turn and One Leg Stand. Tr. Bell arrested the female for Criminal OUI.

7/16 - Tr. Clark received a report of a possible child abuse incident in Mars Hill. Tr. Clark interviewed a four year old boy and his father who has shared custody of the boy. The father was alleging that the mother’s new boyfriend had been hitting and choking the boy. Tr. Clark did not find any evidence of any abuse or injuries on the boy. The boy never alleged that the boyfriend had choked him but did say that he had been spanked in the stomach area. Interviews of the mother and boyfriend were completed and all allegations were denied. Tr. Clark notified DHHS of the report. The report was passed into the Presque Isle D.A. office where prosecution was declined for lack of evidence.

7/17 – Tr. Michaud arrested a Caribou man on 2 warrants after pulling a vehicle over for an expired inspection sticker.

7/17 - Tr. Doody charged a 43 year old Mars Hill woman with operating after suspension stemming from a traffic stop in Mapleton.

7/18 – Tr. Bell and Sgt. Fuller responded to a residence in Hodgdon for reported domestic violence. After investigation, it was determined that the male had punched the female in the face after a verbal argument. The female said she hit the male back, and multiple punches were exchanged. The male had a protection from harassment order with the female and the couple’s daughter being the protected parties. The male was arrested for Violation of Protective Order and Domestic Violence Assault.

7/18 - Tr. Doody investigated a dissemination of sexually explicit material complaint in Mapleton where a mother reported her 11 year old daughter was receiving inappropriate texts and pictures from a 46 year old Monson man. The 11 year old just got the cell phone and investigation showed she sent the man pictures of a 20 year old cousin which prompted the responses. Troop E assisted with the suspect interview. The case remains under investigation.

7/18 - Tr. Saucier received a complaint of a bail and PFA violation stemming from a domestic assault several weeks ago. The 23 year old Island Falls man was staying with his mother in Saco and sent facebook messages to the victim. The man was arrested by Troopers in Saco and relayed back to Houlton with the assistance of Troop K and C.

7/18 - Tr. Hafford was called to assist ASO with removing an intoxicated 52 year old male from a residence in Sinclair. The man was arrested for bail violation.

7/18 - Tr. Saucier took a complaint of a 14 year old sexually abusing his 8 year old brother in Sherman. The 14 year old was removed from the residence and had recently returned from the Crisis Unit. AMHC became involved and worked with HRH for safe placement. The case was forwarded to MCU for further investigation.

7/19 - Troopers Casavant, Sylvia, Doody and Sgt. Haines worked an OUI roadblock on Route 11 in Portage after a tip on several parties in the area. 30 vehicles were checked and three operators where given SFST. Two other operators were charged with OAS. - Tr. Levesque, assisted by Game Wardens, responded to a report of a party somewhere in a wooded area or gravel pit in Wallagrass. Tr. Levesque and Wdn. Spencer located the party spot and stopped a vehicle. Tr. Levesque subsequently determined that the male juvenile operator had been drinking and he was processed for a zero tolerance violation. Sgt. Haines, Tr. Sylvia, Tr. Casavant and Tr. Doody cleared their detail and responded to assist. Subsequently the Troopers and Wardens summonsed 18 minors for possession of alcohol by consumption. A PBT was utilized for determining the BAC of the minors. Parents of juveniles were contacted.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties. In addition, the Troop patrols Interstate 95 from Sherman to the Canadian border in Houlton.