A great way to show team spirit is for a high school to have a mascot. We have them in the County and our folks here have picked their favorite one.

Recently, we did an unscientific, but fun poll and reached out to our listeners to find out which of the school mascots in the County was their favorite.

You voted, we tallied and the results are in!

Here are the top 3 favorite high school mascots in the County.

  1. Ft. Fairfield High School TIGERS! Grrrrrr....this is the number one favorite mascot in the County. They came in at over 56-percent of the vote.
  2. Presque Isle High School WILDCATS! This mascot came in at 15-percent of the vote.
  3. Easton High School BEARS! This mascot came in at 8-percent of the vote.

Thanks to all who participated in our fun poll and showed some high school spirit. We're thinking some of you alumni voted as well and we think that's great!

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