The power is out, and it might not come back for days. CMP estimates that most Mainers should have power back by Saturday night - but what do you do in the meantime?

For trick-or-treating tonight, please be safe! Downed power lines and dark streets can be very dangerous. Consider waiting until the power and lights come back on and your neighborhood is safe.

From the Maine Emergency Management Agency, here's a list of warming and charging centers by county and town:

Androscoggin County: Greene Town Office: OPEN
Warming Center
Greene, 220 Main Street
Open until 4:30pm. Fire Dept is the backup.

Androscoggin County: Lisbon Town Office: OPEN
Warming Center
Lisbon, 300 Lisbon St
Lisbon Town Office is open with the Community Center as a backup.

Hancock County: Brooksville Fire Station/Town Office: OPEN
Warming Center
Brooksville, 1 Town House Road
Open 24 hrs.

Hancock County: Island Community Center: OPEN
Warming Center
Stonington, 10 Memorial Lane
Open from 6:00am until 8:30pm

Lincoln County: Bristol Mills Fire Station: OPEN
Warming Center
Bristol, 1206 Bristol Rd
Open until 10:00pm

Lincoln County: New Harbor Fire Department: OPEN
Warming Center
New Harbor, 2561 Bristol Rd
Open until 10:00pm

Lincoln County: Bristol Fire and Rescue Round Pond Station: OPEN
Warming Center
Round Pond, ME-32
Open until 10:00pm

Penobscot County: Cross Insurance Center: OPEN
Warming Center
Bangor, 515 Main St
Charging Station

Penobscot County: Old Town Middle School: OPEN
Warming Center
Old Town, 156 Oak St
Warming/charging center, open until further notice

Penobscot County: Orono Field House: OPEN
Emergency Shelter
Orono, 168 College Avenue
Will open at 5:00pm as a Red Cross emergency shelter.

York County: Wells Elementary School: OPEN
Warming Center
Wells, 276 Sanford Rd
Open to Wells residents, Showers available

Scheduled to Open:
Penobscot County: Bangor Public Library: WILL OPEN
Warming Center
Bangor, 145 Harlow St
Open from 10:00am until 8:00pm

York County: Seeds of Hope: WILL OPEN
Warming Center
Biddeford, 35 South St
Open from 9:00am until 1:00pm

Now Closed:
Knox County: Hahn Center: CLOSED
Friendship, 31 Main Street
Open from 1:00pm to 5:00pm as a charging station

Penobscot County: Brewer Public Safety: CLOSED
Brewer, 151 Parkway
Open as charging station until 9:00pm.

Penobscot County: Etna Community Hall: CLOSED
Warming Center
Etna, 17 Shadow Lane
Hours 2:00pm to 10:00pm

Waldo County: Troy Howard Middle School: CLOSED
Warming Center
Belfast, 173 Lincolnville Avenue
Closed at 6 PM.

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