A 56-year-old man died Sunday morning after falling into the Kennebec River and being swept away while fly fishing with his son.

Man Died after Falling in Kennebec River

The Maine Warden Service said James Wescott from Fremont, New Hampshire was fly fishing with his 34-year-old son in Embden around 8 am when he tried to walk to a gravel bar, lost his footing and fell into the rushing water of the Kennebec River.

Waders Filled with Water and Current Swept Man Down River

The waders Wescott was wearing filled with water and the swift current swept him downstream. Wardens said he was not wearing a wading belt.

Son Tried to Get Father to Shore

Wescott’s son reached him in the water but could not get him to shore because of swift water and the weight of his gear. His son had to swim to shore to get help, said WGME News.

First Responders Recovered Body from River

First responders arrived on the scene, located and recovered Wescott’s body from the river.

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