Courtesy of Facebook RT 126 Family Quik-Stop

This story breaks my heart.  People can be such...such...well, I'm a lady and can't express how I really feel.  But what I can do, is hope to help find the thief that stole the flowers from the RT 126 Family Quik-Stop in Litchfield.  The story behind these flowers is so amazing...

According to their Facebook page:

My late husband planted these flowers years ago at our store, they grew bigger and prettier every year. Many people admire them and enjoy the nice smell. But this morning I found out someone has dug and stole them. If you see this post, whoever you are, I hope you take good care of those plants as much as my late husband did, because those flowers mean a lot to me and my two girls because they are one of precious things he left behind.
Thank you

Keep your eye out!

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