Maine State Police say a 51-year-old Sinclair man was killed after the plow truck he was driving went off the road and into a stream in the North Maine Woods.

Corporal Corey Hafford responded to the crash on the Realty Road in Clayton Lake Township around 8 a.m. Monday. Police say Cedric Pelletier of Sinclair was operating a 1996 Ford dump truck with a plow and sander when he went off the road and into the Ross Stream crossing of Clayton Lake.

Pelletier was found in the truck and had suffered a head injury and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

State Police say it appears a medical issue prior to the crash may have contributed to the crash. The accident is still under investigation. Cpl. Hafford was assisted at the scene by Trooper Todd Stetson and Warden Preston Pomerleau.

The plow truck was owned by Robert McBrierity and Sons of Fort Kent. Clayton Lake is approximately 65 miles west of Ashland.


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