Hold on....

It was just about two weeks ago, before the turn of the new year, when we brought you the news that the Oriental Pearl in Presque Isle was closing on New Year's Day. On Sunday, the restaurants Facebook page posted that the sushi spot has reconsidered their plans of shutting down.

The announcement 

That's right! The Oriental Pearl IS NOT CLOSING! Amazing news. Check out the announcement made by the family on Sunday.

Get your orders in here

While we wait for the family to find a new location, we can still order takeout starting this Wednesday the 12th. Oriental Pearl will be open Wednesday - Saturday from 11am – 7 pm. You can order from the kitchen and sushi menus to fill your orders. You can call directly at 207-762-3268. 

This is the kind of news we all need to see and hear. Instead of the doom and gloom of yet another business closing, we get a pretty sweet redemption story out of the Oriental Pearl. I won't hide my feelings about this, I was disappointed when I first learned of the possibility of the Oriental Pearl closing the doors permeant. If you enjoy sushi, you know that we don't have many options in the area to get good quality. 


Congratulations to the family for being able to continue their business! Great job by the people in the area for showing up and showing the family that there is a need for sushi, and that we want them to be the folks serving us. We look forward to calling in our orders in the coming weeks!

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