If you enjoy quality sushi in the Presque Isle area, you have until New Year’s Day to get your favorite from Oriental Pearl.

After months of rumors, the Oriental Pearl has announced that New Year's Day will be the last day that the restaurant that sits atop the hill in Presque Isle, will close its doors. The family used the businesses Facebook page to make the official announcement.

Outside the Oriental Pearl in Presque Isle. Closing the doors on January 1, 2022
Outside the Oriental Pearl in Presque Isle. Closing the doors on January 1, 2022

I wish this family well in whatever their next chapter may be. I can say from my family, thank you for always providing quality customer service and fantastic sushi. At one point in our lives, my two girls and I would go to the Pearl every other Friday after school. Our daughter enjoyed how the restaurant was decorated, and the massive size of the building made it a very kid friendly place to dine. The family always looked out for us, including one time when you searched for weeks for one of my daughter's "stuffies” she had left behind. That continued effort to help a child who has more than enough "things”, has always stood out to me. 

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What's Next? Give me your best idea! 

While there are many rumors circulating the Presque Isle area as to what may be going into the building, I do not know what is next for the structure. What are some of your memories of the Oriental Pearl from over the years? What are some of your ideas for what the building should be used for in the future? It is a large building and has an endless number of possibilities.

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