Two brothers whose canoes capsized on Maine's Allagash Wilderness Waterway say a crew of Boy Scouts from New Hampshire helped save their lives.

Sixty-seven-year old Michael Fiori, of Brunswick, Maine, said the boys and girls were camping nearby and helped him to shore and warmed him with heated stones wrapped in towels Monday.

The Scouts then notified a ranger and searched for Fiori's brother.

Seventy-year-old Larry Fiori, of Kennebunk, Maine, was found clinging to a floating gas tank and his shredded life jacket. He spent roughly three hours in the 50-degree Fahrenheit (10-degree Celsius) water. He remained hospitalized Wednesday.

The brothers were both fishermen. Their canoes were connected for stability. A blown seam in one boat caused both to capsize. Larry Fiori said he's "more than lucky" to be alive.

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