I need to say first and foremost...I welcome anyone who wants to come to Maine.  Anyone should have the opportunity to explore their horizon, raise their family where they wish.  If you live in the Windsor, Whitefield, Jefferson area...you have seen that there is a new small community of Amish that have relocated to that area.

I don't have any issues with how people live (unless you are directly hurting or putting someone in danger).  I do not oppose to the Amish way of life.  Even their mode of transportation...horse and buggy.  What I do feel slightly irked about is the massive piles of horse poo that are now littering the side of the Augusta-Rockland Road...aka Rt. 17.

I counted over 10 piles this morning.  Will they not be required to pick up this mess?  What about bicyclists who ride their bikes?  What about the pile in front of someone's driveway?  What if you have to pull over for some reason?  I can't be the only one annoyed with this.  But, maybe I am.


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