I'm talking to my fellow fans of the Boston Red Sox. Tonight, we have a playoff game against the top rival, New York Yankees. First pitch is scheduled for 8:08 p.m. (listen on 101.9 The Rock), which means it could be a late night. Have no fear, the regional coffee chain we all know and love has an offer that will help keep you awake to help clean up those Yankees tears at the end of the night.

As I opened up my DD Perks app to fire up my order, I noticed that there was an extra offer. No, I hadn't earned another free cup of coffee, yet. But today's offer of 4x points on drinks will get me a free brew later this week. Red Sox fans you can earn 4x points on any drink purchases today. I am going to be traveling later in the afternoon and should be at my destination just in time for Nathan Eovaldi's opening pitch.


October. Playoff baseball. Coffee. Those are three words that are sweet music to my ears this morning. Don't go crazy and consume too much caffeine just in case tonight's game has a few questionable calls. The rage on caffeine is real and I think that back in 2003 that Roger Clemens, Karim Garcia, and Manny Ramirez might have a little too much coffee. See below. Seeing the Red Sox in the playoffs this year is a little bit extra special to me for personal reasons. I wish this was a best of 7 series, but I will happily accept any game that allows the Red Sox to advance and the Yankees to hit the golf course with my co-workers.

Let's go back to 2003!

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