RCMP Partners with 529 Garage to Help Prevent Bicycle Theft

To help prevent bicycle theft, the Northeast District RCMP is teaming up with 529 Garage - a mobile app used for bicycle theft prevention.

This is the second year of the partnership to provide the service to the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick, Canada.

Add a Photo and Serial Number of Your Bike to the App

Bicycle owners can register their bikes with the 529 Garage app. This includes adding a photo and the serial number. Doing these things can help prevent thefts.

How the 529 Garage App Works to Prevent Theft

In the case a bike is stolen, the bicycle owner triggers a mobile app alert to notify others in the area with the 529 Garage app. If another person sees the stolen bike, a report can be posted about the location on the app.

Free Registration Event

There’s a free registration event planned on September 17 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Get a 529 Garage tamper-resistant shield sticker with a unique identification code to help deter thieves from stealing your bike. Bring your bike and cell phone to register. Download the 529 Garage app before you go to the event.

Get our free mobile app

529 Garage App Link

Here’s the link to 529 Garage to make it easy for you to look at the information and get the download. There’s info on the saite if you have any questions.

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