A New Brunswick RCMP officer has been charged in connection with an alleged assault in Campbellton last year following an investigation by an independent agency.

Quebec’s Bureau des enquêtes indépendante concluded there were grounds for criminal charges against RCMP officer Pierrick Caron related to the arrest of a suspect on July 2, 2021 in Campbellton.  A summary conviction assault charge was laid in New Brunswick provincial court against Caron on Thursday, June 30.

Evidence gathered during the investigation provided reasonable grounds to believe that an offence had been committed, according to a news release from the New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety.

The bureau’s report was submitted to Public Prosecution Services, which determined that the evidence met the standard for prosecution.

Caron is scheduled to appear in Campbellton provincial court on July 25.

The officer was the subject of a viral video posted on social media showing him punching a man multiple times in the head, upper arms and chest as he was attempting to make an arrest. The man was later identified as André Mercier of Campbellton.

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